*** The theme of PlanDo ***

* Internet cafe PlanDo is a space which provides e-mail access and internet access.

* I offer the space from which you can access the world.

Internet cafe PlanDo
(hotel airport komatsu)
282, Doihara-machi, Komatsu-shi, ishikawa-ken
TEL 0761-22-0665
FAX 0761-22-3397

The internet cafe has three liquid-crystal screens and one CRT screen. Click for an enlarged picture.

*** CONTENTS丂***

* Internet access with a high-speed circuit.
* Free international phone calls by the Internet Telephone
* Network game access
* A word processor, a spreadsheet, paintshop and other software.
* Our staff will make an effort to guide you through our system.


Hot coffee, Tea , and Green tea

Soft drink (from vending machine)

We have cup noodle available.