Price list

Business hours
7:30 - 10:00 ( Start before 9:45) 
12:00 - 23:00 ( Start before 22:00)
10:00 - 12:00 cannot use because of cleaning.

The more nearly
 first one 
Direction of 
hotel stay 
Those by whom PC 
is not used 
Direction of
 note PC use 
Drink cup 
300 yen ( for unlimited refills ) (Coffee, tea, green tea)
Drink cup 300yen@( for unlimited refills ) 300yen@i2 Hours)
PC use 
(30 minutes) 
200 yen 
(Every 30 minutes) 
800 yen 
500 yen 
500 yen 
300 yen 
300 yen 

Network cafe Plan Do The usage

* Purchase a refillable drink cup for 300yen to use during your visit. * Member registration (charge) is required for use of PC. In addition, the premium is contained in registration fee . Since the visitor is automatically registered in the case of hotel check-in. A member registration fee is unnecessary. * An identification card is needed for member registration. Please prepare beforehand. One need not be a guest at the hotel to use a cafe. * PC use charge is added for every half hour. * Visitors with mobile PC and notebook PC: The communication charges of cable LAN and wireless LAN and member registration become unnecessary. * Guarantee money and written consent entry are needed at the time of a loan of a wireless-LAN card. However, guarantee money will be returned at the time of LAN card return. * Application software and various game software is only availiable for use on network cafe computers.
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