For use of PC
* Since hard disk space is limited,when you download software,
please get permission from the man in charge.

* Improper use of PC and anti-social acts are forbidden.
Example@@# Dispatch of virus @@# Hacker act@@# Other criminal acts
@@@@@@@ # The copies and backup other than individual use
@@@@@@@ # The act which breaks copyright
* Please abstain from using loud voices and other disturbing behavior in the shop.

* Underage drinking and smoking are not allowed.

When The above illegal acts and moral turpitudes are performed,
we will refuse use of the internet cafe.

When you leave a seat , please obtain permission from the offcial in cherge.
When a seat is left for 5 minutes or more , without obtaining permission,
you have to buy a drink cup once again.

We are not responsible.

* Any problems resulting from the use of the LAN system installed in our shop,
such as fault, breakage, disappearance of data, or electric power failure, are not
the responsibility of the shop.
Please understand this before using the computers.